It is also an attractive competitive advantage for your property.

Over 70% of listings do not have a floor plan of the property. However, this service is standard at Explicit Reality. We will simply make sales more efficient and save time for you and interested parties.

A floor plan is a visual cross-section of your property that shows the layout of the rooms, the thickness of the walls and the equipment. The interested party thus has a clear idea of how the property looks, where the windows are oriented and how big the rooms are. Otherwise, it happens that the interested party arrives and is already disappointed at the entrance, because, for example, the rooms are smaller than in the photos, the window is oriented to the north and the room is walk-through. Thanks to the floor plan, we can filter out interested parties and thus shorten the sales time.

Your property will also be featured on classifieds sites as most properties for sale lack floor plans.

Why floorplans are important

  • competitive advantage of your property
  • clear idea of the interested party about the form of the property
  • sales facilitation
  • filter of interested parties and acceleration of tours
  • higher ad traffic
  • will increase sales potential

Floorplan is great addition to other parts of your property presenatation. Thanks to combining them all the buyers can decide about the visit from the home. Take a look at other tools that we use.