Using cookies

1.1 General Information

We use so-called cookies to distinguish individual computers and individual settings of some services. cookies take up almost no space on the computer disk, their size is usually several kilobytes. Cookies are not used to obtain any sensitive personal data.

Standard web browsers support cookie management. Please use your browser's help for more detailed information. If your browser has the use of cookies enabled, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies.

1.2 What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small data files that are important for the correct and user-friendly functionality of websites. This website saves these files to individual computers using the web browser. That's why we sometimes put them on your computer or mobile device, just like most big websites. Cookies can therefore be thought of as the memory of a website that, according to them, recognizes the user of the same computer on the next visit. In this way, the pages remember the actions you performed on them and your preferences (e.g. login data, language, font size and other display preferences) for a certain period of time, so you don't have to enter these data again and jump from one page to another.
Cookies do not pose a danger, but they are important for privacy protection. Cookies cannot be used to determine the identity of site visitors or to misuse login data.

For example, what do we use Cookies for?

To store registration information
For advertising purposes
For measuring purposes

1.3 What cookies do we use?

This website uses cookies according to the table below. Some of them help us track which parts of the website are most visited.

1.4 How to adjust the use of cookies?

The use of cookies can be adjusted according to your needs (e.g. you can delete them). Detailed information can be found on You can delete any cookies that are already on your computer and most browsers also offer the option to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer. However, if you use this option, you will probably have to manually adjust some preferences each time you visit the given site, and it is not possible to exclude the limitation of some services and functions of the site.

If you don't mind tracking traffic, but do not want to be identified, you can turn off the unique identification of the browser and enable the use of cookies on our website. Alternatively, you can install an opt-out extension for all websites below on the same page (the functionality of this solution is fully controlled by Google). How to adjust the use of cookies.

You can limit or block the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser. Information on the settings of a specific browser can be found at the following addresses:

Additional identifying cookies can be easily enabled or disabled on this page using the following links. Cookies are now enabled. Enable cookies / Disable cookies.