Estate auction

Quality presentation and marketing of your property will be valued at auction. And up to 15% of the market price.

Demand in real estate exceeds supply. Therefore, thanks to the correct presentation and promotion of your property, more interested parties will meet. The fairest solution is the real estate auction in our own online auction room. Thanks to this, the sale will take place simply, quickly and under the most favorable conditions.

Thanks to the auction, applicants who are really interested will be filtered out and you will avoid "real estate tourists". The winner is then decided by the highest quality offer according to the criteria you choose.

Thanks to the auction, all parties are satisfied. You bid above the expected price and the buyer gets their dream property.

Auction pros:

  • sale above market price
  • it is fair, transparent and simple
  • digital auction from the comfort of your home
  • the quality of the offer decides
  • all-round satisfaction
  • interest filter
  • average price increase of 15%

Before the auction there has to be proper presentation and propagation done. Please take a look at other tools we use.